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Digital Video

Stunning video content for your lobby, website
and drive-thru

Options include flat-screen video display, online video for your website and digital posters.

What Types of Content Do You Offer?

We offer more than 1,000 pre-built full-motion (not still image) video clips in our proprietary online video vault. This includes video libraries built for specific industries such as banking, credit union, medical, dental, automobile and more.

Many clients also have us build custom video content with the same look and feel as your other marketing content so you have consistent branding across all platforms.

Additional library video content includes:

  • Weather by zip code
  • National news
  • Business news
  • Sports news
  • Positive news
  • And much more!

Can I Upload My Own Content?


You can instantly upload virtually any of your own media or media created by a third party such as:

  • YouTube® videos
  • TV commercials
  • Still images
  • PowerPoint® slides
  • Smartphone videos

Do You Provide Equipment and Service?

Yes. Here's what you get:

  • Digital video playback equipment for each location
  • Free service
  • Free software and hardware upgrades


How Do I Update Content On My Screens?
Easily via our online interface.
Can I Preplan Campaigns To Start At A Future Date?
Yes. You can easily set up video changes to coincide with your marketing calendar, holidays or special events as far into the future as you wish.
Can I Do Date Drops?
Yes. You can set up date drops any time in the future.
Can I Play Video Content At Specific Locations?
Yes. Simply choose where you want the content to play and when you want it to start and you're done.
If I Need Something Changed Fast, How Quickly Can I Get That Done?
You can change your video playlist through our online interface and have it on your screens within 60 minutes or less.
Can you create custom video clips?
Yes. And our clients love them.
If We Have A 3rd Party Ad Agency, How Do You Work With Them?
Any way you like. We can make them the primary contact for changing content or anyone else that you designate.
What Type Of Service Do You Provide On Equipment?
Free. If anything happens to our equipment we can typically diagnose and repair it remotely. If not, we provide onsite repair or replacement of the unit at no cost to you.
Do We Provide The Screens Or Do You?
You would provide the screens which can be purchased from any retailer.
Is This Compatible With Any Screen Or Just Certain Types?
Our service is compatible with any screen.
Can Your System Update Wirelessly?
Yes. However, we recommend a wired connection whenever possible to minimize issues that can arise using Wi-Fi at your site.
What Is The Equipment You Install?
It's a digital video player that updates via your network but does not stream the content. So, you don't have to worry about bandwidth issues with our service.
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